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[Drug name] Common name: Penfluridolum
English name: Penfluridolum
Chemical name: 1- [4,4-bis (4-fluorophenyl) -butyl] -4- [4-chloro-3- (trifluoromethyl) phenyl] -4-piperidinol
Chemical structural formula:

Molecular formula: C28H27ClF5NO
Molecular weight: 523.97
Traits: white crystalline powder, odorless, tasteless; soluble in chloroform, acetone, methanol, ethanol, etc., slightly soluble in petroleum ether, water and dilute hydrochloric acid; melting point 105 ~ 108°C.

Penfluridolum is an oral, long-acting, non-sedative antipsychotic drug. For the treatment of various types of schizophrenia, more suitable for maintenance of patients with remission. The company's Penfluridolum tablets produced a good clinical effect. Good quality of the drug, the effect is significant, compared with other psychopathic drugs with a small dose, long-term oral, safe and easy to use, etc., so loved by the majority of patients.

Specifications: API, 10kg / drum
Approval number: GYZZ H43021060