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Institutional Cooper

The company and the Central South University, Hunan University to build a platform for production and research cooperation, the university's scientific and technological achievements and market demand docking, and to achieve product industrialization, the university's talent and technological advantages of enterprise capital and market advantages of effective integration of resources, Innovation level, improve the product technology content.

The company for the college students to provide more practice and practice opportunities, successively with the Hunan Agricultural University, Shaoyang College, Shaoyang Vocational and Technical College and other institutions signed a teaching practice agreement, not only conducive to the realization of the objectives of university personnel training, but also conducive to Enhance the employment competitiveness of college graduates, at the same time for enterprises to attract more talents, for students to create more employment opportunities. To achieve the enterprise and university resources sharing, complementary advantages of long-term stable cooperation mechanism.

  • Hunan Agricultural University

  • Shaoyang College

  • Shaoyang Vocational...